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Note: Must be <10 years to apply.
Note: This opportunity is open to ECRs currently without a permanent position.
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Are you an Early Career Researcher? Would you like to get more involved in curating events and training for ECRs and the wider UK aquaculture community? ARCH-UK would like to find the next generation of aquaculture knowledge exchange leaders. If you are passionate about building the UK academic capability to develop sustainable aquaculture solutions, would like to increase your network and be more proactive in creating opportunities for research impact then please put yourself forward to become an ARCH-UK Working Group Co-Lead.

Each Co-Lead position (Working Group 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 , 7, 8) is open for up to one year to any ECR based at a UK institution and your role would be in support of the current ARCH-UK Working Group Leads, who curate events in response to community needs to encourage innovation and knowledge exchange. It doesn’t matter where you are based as the position can be conducted remotely.

As an ARCH-UK Co-Lead your travel and subsistence expenses to attend any events that you organise would be covered by ARCH-UK.


ARCH-UK defines an ECR as someone within 10 years of PhD graduation without a permanent position.


Commencement of post: An initial briefing meeting will be held at a time convenient for the successful applicant and the working group leads.

The role is voluntary and open for up to one year, depending on how much time you want to give. There are no obligations but we hope the successful candidate will want to engage with the ever-growing ARCH-UK community, not only to increase their own network but to increase UK capacity for solving important issues preventing the sustainable development of aquaculture. The role will also help to highlight knowledge and skills gaps to UKRI. We would be happy to pay your expenses (within reason and as per University of Stirling expenses policy) to attend events associated with your role. There may also be the occasional skype meeting or phone call between the ARCH-UK Managers and the other Working Group Leads.

Contact: (ARCH-UK Project Manager)