BBSRC/NERC Aquaculture Initiative Update

Vaccines made using algae are being developed to keep fish free from disease and help protect the UK’s aquaculture industry.

The project is one of 12 to receive a total of £5.1 million which will further research to address challenges for aquaculture.

Other projects include studying genetics and breeding patterns, looking at how shellfish can be more sustainable, immunising trout against kidney disease and examining how robust salmon are and how susceptible to disease they are at sea.

The UK Aquaculture Initiative is a joint BBSRC and NERC project to support high-quality, innovative research and address strategic challenges facing UK aquaculture. This investment represents a total of £5.1 million, along with contributions from co-funders AFBI and Cefas and a range of industry partners who will collaborate with academic researchers on the projects.

Karen Lewis, BBSRC Executive Director, Innovation & Skills, said: “Aquaculture is a key food production sector for the UK. These projects will improve our understanding of the challenges facing aquaculture production. Working together with industry partners, UK researchers will help to address these challenges and contribute to developing a healthy, safe and sustainable aquaculture system which will deliver societal and economic benefit for the UK.”

ARCH-UK, also funded through the Aquaculture Initiative will aim to update the community of the outputs of these projects and other research & innovation happening across the UK at their Annual Science Event 26-27 June 2019 in Stirling. Details coming soon via their events pages.