MASTS Small Grant Scheme

The MASTS Small Grants Scheme has the capacity to allocate small amounts of funding to support requests. Applications for funds are now invited from the MASTS community.

Applications for the Small Grants Scheme should be submitted to before 16.00 on Thursday 20th December 2018.

Examples of areas for which funds (up to a maximum of £500) may be provided include: travel/conference expenses, specialist equipment purchase/hire, analyses, ad hoc assistance, access to data etc.

The MASTS Small Grants Scheme will also consider requests to host workshops (up to a maximum of £1k).

To download an application form, please visit Kind regards Emma

Funding guidelines:

  • To apply, you must be a postgrad student or employee of a MASTS member institution/organisation

  • Preference will be given to applicants able to demonstrate additionality - having sourced some funds from elsewhere (non-MASTS).

  • Recipients of funds will be required to provide a brief account of the way that the funds have been used, and this report must be delivered within one month of the completion of the funded activity.

  • Where appropriate MASTS may request an article for a newsletter, talk at the ASM, webinar etc.

  • A decision regarding funding can be expected within 8 weeks, so please bear this in mind for your start dates.

  • Anyone with outstanding reports for MASTS Grant Schemes is not eligible to apply.