Seafood Innovation Fund (SIF) CALL FOR ASSESSORS.

Seafood Innovation Fund (SIF). Looking for assessors.


Cefas are administering the new £10 million Seafood Innovation Fund from Defra which will run over three years. This will cover areas such as marine and land-based aquaculture, catch fisheries, technology/management, on-shore supply chain and seafood processing. The focus is on longer-term, high-risk technological innovation across the seafood sector that will kick-start a step change in productivity and sustainability of the aquaculture and fishing industries. Cefas are currently looking for anonymous assessors with suitable subject knowledge for the proposed projects when they come in on 12 Sept 2019 (and/or for future calls). Three independent assessors are required to assess each bid. The assessors can complete as many or as few assessments as appropriate and would be paid [£100] for each bid assessed. Cefas will not be disclosing the identity of the assessors at any stage and any feedback to applicants will be collated and anonymised. You are still able to bid into the fund, but would be required to step out of assessing the relevant call at that time. For further information E: Torsten McKie at Cefas or T: 01502 524346.