The ARCH-UK reports (see PDF links) have been used as advisory material by BBSRC/NERC to formulate aquaculture research calls, specifically the 'BBSRC/NERC Joint Call in Aquaculture: Collaborative Research and Innovation' of Dec 2017. On 6th December  2017 BBSRC/NERC held a call workshop to bring project consortia together, encouraging the development of new partnerships.

The eight individual working group reports were formed through meetings/consultations with academia, industry and policy members from across the UK between June-October 2017. ARCH-UK focused on the fundamental science, training and skills gaps preventing the sustainable development of UK aquaculture. The individual working group reports were used to create a single ARCH-UK research priorities report to inform future BBSRC/NERC aquaculture research calls. All reports were reviewed by the ARCH-UK Advisory Board.

If you have any comments relating to this process or would like to be involved in future ARCH-UK activities please contact the corresponding Coordinator or visit the 'Contact us' and 'Join us' page.

Joanna Gosling for WG 1, 2, 5, 6 and 8

James Taylor for WG 3, 4 and 7



The EIGHT ARCH-UK Working Groups