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WG8: Career development and training



Working Group 8 was formed to ensure the needs of UK shellfish and finfish aquaculture are championed in future years. 

Although ARCH-UK actively encourages Early Career Researchers (ECRs) to partake in all ARCH-UK Working Groups, Working Group 8 is specifically dedicated to the development of a strong UK-wide aquaculture ECR community and to facilitating the early formation of research partnerships.  ARCH-UK defines an early career researcher as within 10 years of finishing their PhD, but we also include PhDs in our workshops and activities.

In Working Group 8‘s initial meeting 20 ECRs from across the UK came together to discuss the specific needs of ECRs relevant to the field of aquaculture. The level of engagement and enthusiasm of the group’s first meeting was extremely encouraging.

Working Group 8 activities so far…

  1. ARCH-UK funded ECRs to attend the largest UK industry conference, Aquaculture UK in Aviemore 2018. They were given the opportunity to present an elevator pitch to industry with guidance from NERC KE Fellow Dr Sofia Cota-Franco and funding from SAIC. See the video below to hear about the benefits of attending industry events.

  2. ARCH-UK collaborated with MASTS to provide and ECR ‘Grant Review Training Day’. This comprised of talks from funders, experienced reviewers and academics who gave insights into their experiences and invaluable grant writing tips. Attendees were also given a chance to review REAL grant applications and see reviewers comments to understand how to get their application noticed. Resources from the event can be found here.

  3. ARCH-UK continues to signpost the community to novel funding streams via the website and twitter.

Future plans…

  1. Encourage ECR mentoring

  2. Facilitate ECR engagement with industry

  3. Improve peer networking and public engagement of ECRs

  4. Improve communication between Universities, industry and policy

  5. Work imaginatively with social media accounts to promote the aquaculture ECR community

Please get in touch if you have any questions and keep an eye on twitter for upcoming training events!

Short film: How our Early Career Researchers got on delivering elevator pitches to industry at Aquaculture UK 2018, Aviemore

To access the ECR elevator pitches (video and slides) click here